Welcome to BH Skin! My name is Elif, and I am the founder of both BH Skin & The Beauty Haven. I am a qualified esthetician in the UK, and I provide a wide range of facials and body treatments in my studio located in North London.

My journey with skincare began about 8 years ago when I started to get acne. I tried everything, facials, topical treatments, antibiotics; and I did not want to use any more medication. I developed anxiety, hated going out especially without any makeup and lost all of my confidence.

I have always loved and been interested in skincare; my friends and family would always ask me for advice. I thought that starting a career in beauty was never an option for me as I went to university, graduated in business and then was working as a project manager at a well-established telecoms company.

However, one day I had enough and knew that my true passion was skin! I wanted to be the person that helps people like myself with their skin problems. I had never found a facialist who helped me with my skin and I knew other people were also suffering with this problem so, I completed a level 2 & 3 beauty course in facials.

I started The Beauty Haven in February 2019. I was still working my office job while starting my career in facials. I was working nearly 14 hours a day 7 days a week with no days off for about 4 months. I then quit my office job as a project manager and started doing facials full time. I was so scared but deep down knew that this was the right thing to do, to follow my dream and passion for all things skin!

This was the biggest risk that I had ever taken. My passion for skincare lead me to build by knowledge and skills. I always had the dream of being my own boss!

I am now able to help improve my clients skin and more importantly their confidence. This is the most rewarding job ever. I have experience in different skin concerns, especially acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation and my favourite, blackheads!

I knew the moment that I started providing facials to my clients, that I wanted to formulate my own range of skincare products to help them maintain their skin at home. As I believe that facial treatments only make up 20% of our skin care routine, the remaining 80% is what we use at home. I wanted to be able to recommend aftercare that my clients could use at home in-between their regular facials.

I started my journey to produce my own skincare products around June 2019, and have been working on formulating the perfect products using the best blend of ingredients that I know are unlike anything else on the market. The products we use at home are the biggest factor of maximising our results.

The products are tested personally by myself before they go in to production to ensure that they work. Every ingredient selected is only ever included if it has a real benefit to the overall effectiveness of the product and for the problem that the product is formulated to target. These products have transformed my skin! BH Skin’s aim is to create clear and easy to use products that really do work.

I am proud to say that all of our products are paraben free, cruelty free & vegan

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I have. Please share your reviews and pictures with us at @bhskinuk and use our hashtag #bhskinuk