BH Skin


£17.99 GBP
Color: Pink

The BH Drip Bands are luxuriously soft and will prevent liquids from dripping down your arms, on to the sink, and onto the bathroom floor while you are cleansing your skin and performing your daily skincare routine.

One pack contains a pair of Drip Bands. These wash bands fit almost all sizes, and are made from premium quality moisture absorbing materials.

How to Use

  • Put your BH Drip Band on both of your wrists before you begin your morning/nighttime skincare routine.
  • Wash your face, perform your skincare routine. Pat your skin dry and remove your BH Drip Bands.
  • Lay out or hang dry your BH Drip Bands for the next use & machine wash weekly. Do not iron.


  • No more drips!
  • No need to worry about water dripping all over your bathroom anymore when washing your face or down your arms.

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